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About Us

Over the year, after a pioneering process started in the 2014 years and based on proven technical competence, EFFEX has successfully developed its expertise in the field of Level measuring instruments and has excelled in Sight flow indicators & temperature sensors. From the past 6 years, we’re working as Export Oriented Unit (EOU) for MENA countries and from 2020 our focus is to serve the Indian market..

Since Effex Industrial Solutions was established in 2014, the company has grown from a quality solutions provider to an established leader in the technical marketplace, offering quality state-of-the-art products for measurement and control of Level,Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Fittings, Diaphragm, Valves & Manifolds. Effex Industrial Solutions also provides customers with a complete line of Stainless Steel Enclosures plus custom-engineered products.

Our commitment to quality instrumentation and exceptional customer service has remained the cornerstone of our success.
The facilities of Effex Industrial Solutions exist to “facilitate” solutions to our customer’s needs.

Design and Custom Engineering:

Effex Industrial Solutions draws from its experienced engineering staff to come up with the right answer and provides unmatched custom engineering assistance, and courteous attention. We enjoy developing custom designs.

Extensive Warranty Coverage:

Many of our products feature warranties beyond industry standards. Effex Industrial Solutions stands behind its products 100% because our products stand up to expectations. Our precision engineering and manufacturing ensure that your process will run smoothly with our equipment.

Calibration and Quality Assurance:

To complement our current business and manufacturing operations, which focus on the needs of our customers, Effex
Industrial Solutions continues to strive toward new levels of quality.

Our calibration services and quality control are trustworthy resources that help satisfy our customers’ needs for accuracy.

Precision Manufacturing:

Our commitment to maintaining the leading edge through research development and state-of-the art manufacturing keeps Effex Industrial Solutions firmly at the forefront of technology. All product designs are tested and perfected prior to marketing.

The testing that takes place assures the best products for your applications. Once the product design is perfected and tested, stock production takes place at our modern and efficient facility.

Product Delivery:

Effex Industrial Solutions extensive inventory ensures quick delivery. We have an excellent record of getting the products required, when and where they are needed. Inventory levels are set to match our customer’s requirements. Our extensive selection allows quality products to be easily integrated into complete systems.

Whether your area of process measurement and control involves Level,Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Fittings, Diaphragm, Valves & Manifolds.Effex Industrial Solutions has the products that are right for you!

Each product is well documented, with a growing amount of data being placed on our web site www.effexind.com

Dedicated People:

Our extraordinary family of employees, comprised of individuals who represent the very best in their fields, contributes to the excellence. The talent of our employee is what gives our products and services the high reputation they enjoy in the market place. From purchase executives, technicians, designers and engineers, all have become happily reliant on Effex Industrial Solutions.

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